Here’s what people say about The Marketing Edge and Karen Hope:   Also check out Google Reviews  &  Facebook Reviews                       

“Karen is a very driven and motivated person to be sure. She is a very dedicated and focused individual who is goal orientated. Honestly I feel as though my company has become hers in her desire and passion to see my success. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to either start a company or take one to new heights !I am totally open to field any questions anyone may have with regards to her ability to get the job done.”
Robert Desjardins (Aztec Real Estate Inc.)

Strathmore, Alberta

“What a delight to learn that Karen, whom I grew to love for her say-it-like-it-is presence in the group, was also a marketing director. I really feel like the stars were aligned when we first met. Working with Karen to develop my website, brochure and diversified services was a professional and collaborative experience from start to finish. Not only did Karen know how to distill the essence of the business concept that was bubbling in my head, but she is a wizard at bringing all the pieces together using business strategy, logo development, key phrases and coaching support, to propel me to where I had only previous dreamed I could be in my career. I will be forever grateful to Karen, for her support in creating the business I am now successfully growing and building girls potential along the way. Working with Karen was a pay-it-forward endeavor for my business, to get me to the next level. Many thanks.”

Tasha Belix (Tasha Belix Youth and Family Counselling)

Calgary, Alberta

“Karen helped us develop our go-to market plan for our new organic milk line. We benefited from her insights on how to market within the grocery industry. In addition, she produced a website and sell sheet that we felt represented our operation in a professional, creative manner. We have continued working with her to expand our brand and sales.”

Cherylynn Bos (Rock Ridge Dairy)

Ponoka, Alberta

“Having worked with Karen on our marketing plan and materials, I have found her highly creative when developing marketing concepts. She developed a powerful website and marketing materials that visually and textually supports our corporate message. She took the time to understand our business so that she could customize the design and text to communicate our true feelings as a HVAC service provider.”

Brenda Jeung (Advanced Refrigeration HVAC)

Calgary, Alberta

“The Marketing Edge provided Johnston Canyon Resort with some innovative marketing ideas that sparked an increase in room rentals. Her company also put together a nicely designed website that professionally communicates our benefits and features. After working personal with Karen, I can say she is very proficient at marketing and dedicated to her client’s interests.”

Jordy (Johnston Canyon Resort)

Banff, Alberta

“In order to grow my business, I was looking for somebody with a well-recognized track record of success; knowledge, education and contacts that will help grow ; and a willingness to work hard and help out wherever needed. That somebody has been Karen Hope.”

Fanta Camara (Vitaly Teas )

Edmonton, Alberta

“Having a consult session with Karen was a very beneficial experience for me and my business. She was able to provide me with great insights on how I could enhance my current marketing strategy, my website, and my print ads. She gave me practical and easy to follow steps that I could implement right away. I really enjoyed her honest and straight forward approach to marketing. If you are someone who really enjoys the marketing aspect of the business, but want an advisor and someone there to help you tweak or enhance what you are doing, Hour of Power is just for you! Alternatively, if you are a business owner who has no idea where to start with marketing, Karen is your “go-to” person and will help build your business with her years of experience creating and implementing successful marketing plans!”

David MacDonald (Vitality Fitness)

Calgary, Alberta

“Karen took the time to understand my industry and my market in order to develop a marketing plan and website that creatively and clearly communicates my message. Her expertise helped me to present a brand image that communicates my own vision for my company.”

Dr.Lisa Kopp

Calgary, Alberta

“While in the capacity of Marketing Manager, I contracted Karen’s marketing skills to assist Edmonton Centre with the development of promotions and advertising that would generate traffic and sales. I found that Karen was never short on a good idea and had an unfaltering ability to come up with ideas. Her ability to conceptualize and develop catchy slogans is phenomenal. Karen was great to brainstorm with and has all of the tools of an agency wrapped into one individual. Basically I think that she is better than going to an agency because there are too many people who you deal with when Karen can take care of it all.”
Erica Wolkowski ( Special Events Manager – Bay Southgate Mall )

Edmonton, Alberta

“As Manager of the Realstar Properties in western Canada, I contracted Karen to develop and produce numerous creative materials to promote our properties. She was able to produce logos, write great copy and even let us use her as a model in some of our photo shoots, saving us money. Karen thinks outside the box as a true marketing expert which gave us an edge in a very challenging and competitive market.”
Keith McMullen ( President/Broker – Fireside Property Group Ltd. )

Calgary, Alberta

“I have found Karen Hope to be a professional, and very creative marketer with a simple and fresh approach to the way she generates ideas and concepts. I would have no hesitation in recommending Karen for any marketing consultancy where I am sure she will certainly assist you and help build your business as she has mine.
Wesley Baker (Founder and CEO – Scott Calvin Technologies )

London, England

“I met Karen when she first signed up Cattle Boyz as a member of the Alberta Food Processors’ Association Link to (AFPA) back in 1998. I have watched her take an unknown food product to market and grow it into a national brand. She served on the Alberta Food Association’s Board for about 3 years during the growth years of Cattle Boyz. Karen also took advantage of the many programs offered by AFPA, and attended government sponsored missions offering new contacts for food producers. I think Karen’s highly developed marketing skills and ingenuity enabled her to get Cattle Boyz on the grocery shelves of majors like Costco and Superstore. She spent a lot of time and effort working with people in the industry to take advantage of every opportunity. I would recommend her to anyone needing marketing services.”
Melody Pashko ( General Manage )

Calgary, Alberta

“We contracted Karen to write a marketing plan for our company. I was very happy with the results. The brief offered excellent ideas and strategies that fit within our company’s budget. I think the brief offers excellent value to any business wanting an economical starting point for marketing.”
Calgary Towmasters Inc.

“I worked with Karen Hope and oversaw her work during her tenure with Stewart Green Properties, first while I was General Manager for Willowpark Village and Brentwood Village in Calgary and a short time later in Edmonton at Kingsway Garden Mall where she was promoted to take on marketing director responsibilities at the company’s largest shopping centre. I have no hesitation in stating that Karen is one of the most dynamic and creative shopping centre marketing directors I have ever worked with. She was successful in getting impressive mileage out of a mall marketing budget through creative negotiations, planning and budgeting, and attention to detail. Her mall promotions and advertising campaigns were compelling and innovative, and always seemed to generate the desired results. The retailers of our shopping centres expected to see customer traffic and sales increases by effective utilization of the shopping centre marketing budget that they contributed to, and Karen was able to meet and exceed these expectations and goals. Karen is a proven excellent marketer with the skills and experience to generate desired results through marketing.”
Jack Dietrich ( Vice President – Kingsley Land Company Ltd. )

Calgary, Alberta

“As the President of Concord National, I worked closely with Karen for 8 years while she was the Managing Partner for Cattle Boyz Foods Ltd. We were hired as the brokerage firm back in the beginning years of Cattle Boyz’s life cycle. Karen had an innate ability to apply her marketing skills towards finding a place for Cattle Boyz in such a competitive category like barbecue sauces dominated by national brands. She was the driver of the business, keeping on top of producing and delivering the inventory while also managing the Broker activities for grocery accounts. We found that she was very creative when coming up promotional ideas and ways to position the brand with Category Managers and Buyers. She attended most of the first head office sales meetings so that she could share her enthusiasm and passion for the brand with the Category Managers and Buyers. Grocery is not an easy industry to break into and I give Karen full marks for her success in taking an unknown product to market and turning it into a nationally distributed brand.”
Tim Moore (President, Prairie Division, Concord National )

Calgary, Alberta

“I was the Vice President of Leasing with Stewart Green Properties LTD. While Karen Hope was the marketing for Brentwood Village Mall and Willowpark Village. I watched her blossom in her role as Marketing Director as she was promoted to the company’s flagship property, the Kingsway Garden Mall in Edmonton. Over the years I have seen a few marketing directors come and go so I can honestly say that Karen’s advertising skills and promotional events were the most creative and always seemed to work for all stakeholders. I can confirm that Karen’s events were always well-organized and well attended. She has a talent for coming up with creative ideas that get results. Karen left Kingsway to promote the opening of the Eau Claire Market project in downtown Calgary where I saw her perform her magic again. Karen is one of Alberta’s true marketers!”
Mike Kehoe ( Principal – Fairfield Developments )

Calgary, Alberta

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