If you want your website closer to page one than page 50, you need to engage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a key online marketing strategy.

SEO is a process that is undertaken to make a company’s website domain address appear ahead of the competition when specify keywords are used in a search engine.  The objective is to identify the high traffic key words used by a target market to find a business.  These keywords become the focus of a SEO marketing campaign that will continually work towards increasing the company’s ranking position.  The higher a website is ranked, the more visitor eyes and clicks it will potentially receive.

SEO is marketing strategy that is essential to any business that wants to earn an organically ranked position in a search engine(s).  Organic means that you have come up “naturally” – your website has been returned by the search engine’s algorithms that closely match your string of keywords.  Some research says that online shopper’s trust the organic listings over paid advertisements.  But more importantly once you get high rankings, it’s easier to keep them and build your authority status and trust of users and search engines.

A SEO program involves a combination of activities such as:

*Researching and registering with free and some paid online directories

*Researching and requesting back-links with other websites

*Optimizing the back-end of a website  (i.e use keywords in meta-tags)

*Proper registration with Google Maps

*Social media


Due to the fact search engines like Google constantly change their algorithms, thus impacting a website’s placement, SEO is an ongoing process.  It is recommended that a company that wants to achieve page 1-2 ranking on Google enlists a SEO service to take care of responsibility or train someone in-house.

If you want immediate ranking you can elect to run pay-per-click ads that will put you on page 1.  However, if you plan on being in business for a long time, it’s important you start to build your reputation online as it will have value to your business long-term.

The Marketing Edge is a Calgary marketing company that develops SEO programs for small to medium sized companies that want to build an online reputation.  SEO is only one of the many marketing strategies that can used to promote a business on and off line.  It is recommended that every business develops a marketing plan first to determine objectives before planning strategies.

by Karen Hope – Marketing Plan Expert, Calgary, Alberta