How to Catch an Online Fish

fishBy Karen Hope, President of The Marketing Edge

The sport of fishing can teach us something about online marketing. To catch a specific type of fish, you need to drop a specific type of bait at the right time of day, at the right place.

For example, to catch a speckled trout you are advised to use a natural bait like shrimp in the early morning or after sunset around inlet mouths where strong tidal flows bring food to them.

Similarly, when marketing a business, you need a message (bait) that will attract a specific type of customer (your species of fish).  That message needs to be cast at a time and place where it can be noticed.  The right message, at the right time and place will get the right customer!

Every business owner knows that getting a website is the first step to marketing online.  However, step two, luring people to your website, is the bigger challenge. You need to invest in a variety of social media and search optimization strategies that will get you in front of your customer.  These strategies are brought together in a cohesive digital plan that tells you exactly where to go for good leads.

Without a digital marketing plan that sets you in the right direction, you can sit and wait a long time for your website to hook some live leads.

The Marketing Edge is a Calgary marketing company that helps business owners catch their fish.