When a business owner is faced with the challenge of marketing their business, it is not uncommon for them to play the “hit and miss” game where you “win some, lose some.”  My passion is to bring clarity to the business owner who wants to make marketing decisions that will not waste time, reputation or money.  I help my clients PLAN, POSITION AND PURSUE successful growth strategies. My value is measured in results. I will help you create the ROI you deserve!”

My educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent in Halifax, University.  Halifax was a beautiful place to go to university, however, my career was destined to be in Alberta.

Before starting the Marketing Edge, I held various marketing director positions with shopping centres like Kingsway Garden Mall and West Edmonton Mall Parks and Attractions. I became an official entrepreneur in 1995, when I incorporated The Marketing Edge and left the security of a full-time job.  While working at my last place of employment – Eau Claire Market – I decided to start The Marketing Edge.  I left my Marketing Director position with three ongoing contracts, two of which where former employers – Eau Claire Market and Kingsway Garden Mall.

Over 20 years I have worked hard to build a reputable corporate and personal brand as a marketing professional.  But I have to say that my biggest “marketing claim to fame” to date has been the introduction of Cattle Boyz to Canada.  In 1998, I partnered with the recipe creator who at the time owned Eau Claire Market’s hot dog stand.  I successfully presented and sold the Cattle Boyz Original one litre-sized barbecue sauce to the TSC Shopping Channel and Costco.  I proceeded to list the Original sauce and other products with major grocery stores and distributors from B.C to Newfoundland. I oversaw the business operation and marketing/sales of this company for its first 11 years.  In 2009, I profitably sold my shares and took advantage of the capital gains credit available to all Canadian business owners.

My Cattle Boyz experience sets me apart from most other marketers – I have taken a company from zero sales into the millions.  I have been in the same seat as most start-up to mid-sized business owners trying to build a successful business.  However since I am also a Calgary marketing expert by trade, I feel I have I have a unique set of business building skills.

After my departure from Cattle Boyz Foods, The Marketing Edge was reignited and back in business serving others.  Today, my goal is to help others monetize their business through smart business and marketing decision-making.

Typically, I customize my services to meet a client’s need for business and marketing advice and/or coordination work. For start-ups in their first two years, I offer a one-time strategy package for only $299 that will put an actionable marketing strategy in your hands: