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Karen Hope,
Marketing plan expert

   Most successful businesses have a marketing-savvy owner, employee or agency on their management team to assist with the development and execution of a strategic marketing plan.


  The Marketing Edge offers small business owners affordable access to the business and marketing    skills and advise needed to fast-track a business.  We work with you to research, develop and execute a plan that will grow your business into a viable, successful entity.  Whether your marketing budget is $5,000 or $50,000, we make sure every dollar is invested into the right message, strategy and supplier.

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Calgary marketing company


Big or small, every business needs a plan that directs their marketing activity.  We can write a full marketing plan or conduct a Marketing Audit that puts a mini plan in your hands for only $399.  Much like a business plan, we research your market environment, evaluate your product/service, define target markets and set objectives that can be match with affordable marketing strategies.

Calgary marketing company


To compete in a digital world, a growth-oriented business needs an eye-catching, search engine-friendly website that will turn visitors into customers.  The next step is to get it in front of the right people. By using a blend of Writing and Design, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics we can get your website working harder as a lead generation tool.

calgary marketing company


The Marketing Edge offers coaching, consulting and coordinating services billable by the project or by the hour.  Once we learn about your products and services, we can act on your behalf to execute almost any sales and/or marketing task required to grow your business.  Our marketing expert has the skills and experience a business owner needs to confidently move forward with a marketing plan.


The Marketing Edge has a long-standing reputation for good work in the Calgary market. Over the past 20 years, we have helped business owners market their businesses properly and profitably. Read our press page and testimonials to learn what other’s have to say about The Marketing Edge’s services.

Company President, Karen Hope, has spent many years developing and implementing successful marketing plans and campaigns. After marketing her own two businesses, Karen advocates that it’s next to impossible to get strong marketing results without going through some type of research, planning and positioning process.

She has seen many business owners invest in piecemeal strategies that fail to deliver a return on investment. For this reason, she now works one-on-one with clients to help them achieve their goals.

Karen is a reputable Calgary marketer who cares about her clients.  She is willing to work with all sizes of budgets.  Clients can choose from services that allow them to be an active or passive participant in the marketing planning and implementation process.


If you would like to talk to us about marketing your business, please book a no obligation phone call.

Calgary marketing company
Karen Hope-calgary marketing company

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Here at the marketing edge we honestly look at becoming a marketing company incredibly earnestly. We all understand that truly any time individuals are shopping for a savy Calgary based marketing company they want the greatest. Unendingly we strive to be the smartest marketing company we all could be throughout Alberta. It is really our devotion to really becoming the ideal that has earned all of us such substantial respect with our valued purchasers.

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There really are not too many marketing company who have the particular skills coupled with track record to identify their business as a leader in their market. Combine this along with a great degree of consumer support and we feel we're the greatest savy Calgary based marketing company inside Alberta.

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Our dedication to fine quality is quite high. Should you be endeavoring to be a savy Calgary based marketing company or a savy Calgary based marketing company, there's seriously not one other path but to really do your absolute best in order to excel. When a specified client needs more care, all of us provide this customer extra effort. Nearly anything in order to make sure they will be very happy with us as a marketing company. Note, we work in all of Alberta, so feel free to email us.

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Our own clientele have often identified our business as a savy Calgary based marketing company, a savy Calgary based marketing company, a savy Calgary based marketing company coupled with the perfect Alberta area marketing company you can find! This does not develop unless there is extremely hard work along with investment in the businesses consumers and then the top quality found within your completed work. Whenever you are looking around to obtain a savy Calgary based marketing company, we all really believe that we are the most effective option. Simply phone the marketing edge to talk about your current needs right away! 1234567890.

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In virtually any field, skill is often a primary issue affecting overall results. Whenever you may be looking for a savy Calgary based marketing company, this point is certainly more true. With being a marketing company, we can certainly show anyone categorically that the outcome is actually dictated simply by the past experience of the business you've been contracting. The very huge volume of past experience that the marketing edge offers in being a savy Calgary based marketing company, is definitely just why anyone must entrust us all with your valuable critical needs. When you're searching to get a savy Calgary based marketing company, believe in the marketing edge. Please consult with us all straightaway.

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